Dr. Seema Pathak

Title of the paper Name of the Journal/Conference Name of Journal/ Organizing body Vol No./ Month & Year

Department: Computer

Asst. Prof. (Comp. Sc.)

MCA, M.Phil.(CS)

Empirical evaluation on K Means Clustering with effect of Distance Function for Bank Dataset International Journal Of Innovative Technology and Research (IJITR)   April-May, 2013
Vol No 1, Issue No 3,
Page 233-235
Analysis of Mass Based and Density based Clustering Techniques on Numerical Datasets Journal of Information Engineering and Applications   Vol no. 3, Issue No. 4, 2013
ISSN. 2224-5784 print,
ISSN 2225-0506 online
Analysis of Density based Clustering with impact of PCA National conference on Recent Advances in Statistics and Application Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur 2 Days
An Analysis Of Decsity based Clustering Technique with Dimensionality reduvtion for Diabetic Patient International Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications(IJCEA)   Volume IX, Issue IV,
April 15,
ISSN 2321-3469