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Induction Program

  • Welcoming of all the new buds of various streams in Disha College will be done during (in) induction sessions in the month of July onwards.
  • It involves orientation of the students towards the courses & showing how they are interconnected to everyone else in the college.
  • It is helpful for them to get more information regarding life at Disha.
  • On Induction day students will get an opportunity to know other students and staff members and familiarity (get familiar) with the Disha culture.

B.Com. Induction Program 2018

BBA Induction Program 2018

BCA & B.Sc. Induction Program 2018

M.Sc. & PGDCA Induction Program 2018

B.Com. Induction Program 2017

BBA Induction Program 2017

BCA Induction Program 2017

B.Com. Induction Program 2016

BBA Induction Program-2016

BBA Induction Program-2015

Induction program for BBA part I students was held on July 10th 2015 at Disha College, Ram Nagar Kota Raipur.

BCA Induction Program-2016

BCA Induction Program-2015

Induction program for BCA-I students was held on July 27th 2015 at Disha College, Ram Nagar Kota Raipur. Program was started with Lamp lightening of mother Saraswati followed by an inspiring speech by Dr. A. K. Tiwari sir Principal Disha College. Sir includes comprehensive information on support and facilities on campus ensures that new students know where to seek advice and support and so can prevent small difficulties becoming great difficulties during their program of students.

M.Sc. & PGDCA Induction Program-2016

M.Sc. & PGDCA Induction Program-2015