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Soft Skills

Soft skills are the most important skills that students can learn because people cannot succeed in many endeavors without these skills. Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance and career prospects. Disha College started soft skill activities for students, which inculcate soft skill qualities in students.

S.No. Activity Name Activity summary
1 Sell a Product Every student is supposed to bring any item to class room and try to sell it. This act help them to overcome with stage fear.
2 Newspaper Reading It helped them to develop not only reading skills but also their understanding and explanation skills.
3 Personality Portrayal Students have to mimic business personalities. This activity help them to know about the business personalities.
4 Make a Story Story making on the basis of a given picture develops the feeling of team work also increase creativity and power of imagination.
5 Fill in the Blanks It was helpful for them to check their listening skills.
6 Business Tycoons A PPT Presentation about the life of some business persons, help 1students to aware about entrepreneurship.
7 Enactment It helps them to learn the power of teamwork. It also boosted up their creativity and imagination.
8 Teacher of the day This activity helps them in enhancing communication skill and enriching confidence.
9 Instant Speech This activity enhances their speaking skill and it also helped them to reduce the stage fear.
10 Sell a Product To enhance creativity and communication.
11 Improve Body language Body language presentation.
12 Time Management Presentation on Mumbai Dabbawala.
13 Advertisement Making Presentation Skill,Facing Stage Fear,Team Work, Thinking Planning.
14 Presentation Maniac Creativty, Team Work, Stage Performance.

Group Discussion