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Master of Commerce                                                intake-25


A graduate can take an M.Com degree. Master of Commerce is a postgraduate master's degree focusing on commerce-, accounting-, management- and economics-related subjects. After completing the degree, the students will have numerous career alternatives and can choose and apply to various jobs, like operation manager, finance consultant, investment banker, marketing stockbroker/trader, actuary, financial analyst, manager, accountant. One of the latest and most important developments is E-commerce or Electronic Commerce, which represents the transaction of goods or services online.

The main branches of Commerce are Trade, Transport, Warehousing, Insurance, Banking, Advertising and Marketing. Some of these branches are specific sub disciplines of Commerce, while others — like Advertising, Banking, or Marketing — are independent disciplines, part of the broader Business field.

A typical Commerce degree includes subjects like Managerial Economics, Financial &  Advanced Accounting, Income Tax Law and Accounts, Statistical Analysis, Business Analytics, Micro and Macro economics, Statistics, Corporate Legal Framework, Tax Planning and Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Economics, Business Communication, Branding, etc.

Because trading is an essential day-to-day activity, this degree in commerce can easily find positions in corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, banks, outsourcing, insuring, audit and consulting firms, in governmental agencies or in the e-commerce industry.