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Master of Science(Mathematics)                intake-30

M.Sc.Mathematics is a two year postgraduate course in Mathematics dealing with providing in-depth knowledge of advanced and applied mathematics like geometry, algebra, calculus, number theory, dynamical systems, differential equations and prepare the students for various research activities.

M.Sc. Mathematics course includes subjects like Advanced Complex Analysis, Real Analysis, Topology, Integration theory & Functional Analysis, Fuzzy set Theory & its application, Operation Research and Graph Theory etc. 

M.Sc. Mathematics deals with the advanced concepts of Mathematics. It incorporates mathematical thinking in the minds of the students. An M.Sc. in Mathematics gives students who want to work in science, engineering, or computing a solid core education. Most degree programs also require a research component, so students can get a feel for how to use their new skills in the real world.

M.Sc. Mathematics degree holders have many options for careers including teaching as well as working in multiple disciplines. Combining mathematics with other specialist subjects such as economics, statistics, computer science, applied mathematics, engineering, and mathematical sciences can greatly improve job prospects.