Vision & Mission

 Our Mission

 “The Purpose of Disha Education society is to start a teaching-learning system "DISHA" on the following broad guidelines which should always be dynamically understood and used, and should draw relevance contemporarily. "DISHA"- is a perpetual conscientious effort, It is revolution of thoughts, It is a learning process to implement knowledge with wisdom in welfare of personal life, social life and for the universe. ”

 Our Motto 

“"Learning with Conscience."”

Our Vision 

 “The Vision of the society is to build leaders of future by imparting meaningful & conscientious learning process to provide proper direction, momentum to their creativity and to imbue willpower to achieve. The society looks forward to establish august temple of learning to educate & train people to become conscientious performers and to reach the pinnacle of glory. ”

Our Mission  

“Mission of Disha is a relentless pursuit and postulation, for embedding harmony and co-existence as essence of living of man and universe. ”

Way of living 

  • “Harmony and co-existence is the way of living in Disha society.
  • We belong to Disha society we do not posses (own) this society. 
  • We are to give not to take from Disha society. ”

Our Faith 

“We do not value sacrifice for price or reward.
There should not be any recognition or differentiation on sacrifice.
All our efforts, achievements, humiliation, pride and sacrifice should lead to educate human race and to Nirvana .
In Disha Society we should live for attainment of wisdom and Nirvana.
Learning is to articulate wisdom with the knowledge to attain higher altitude for oneself and in result for the society at large.
Never give up. ”