Student Society

Disha Education Society believes in all rounded growth of its students. It believes that students at Disha do not have only to study but strives at giving them an opportunity in honing their skills. For this purpose, it has constituted six Societies.

These societies are fashioned in such a way that it infuses Indian values and culture with the modern scientific approach. The very name of each society spells much about this.

These names are :

  • Erawat
  • Brahmos
  • Lakshya
  • Tejas
  • Vayu
  • Surya

Even the flags of each society carry symbols, that signify fusing scientific temperament with ancient Indian symbols like Erawat has Eravat, the legendry elephant; Brahmos carries the symbol of a star depicting 'Brahmand' the universe; Lakshya shows a bow and an arrow showing one should be focused; Tejas has all the brightness; Vayu shows an eagle, the king free to move about and Surya again depicts the power of the sun.

These societies concentrate upon developing different skills of the students in fields entirely removed from studies; like: Sports, Outbound Excursions, Cultural activities, Guest lectures and Social and ecological activities.