Principal's Message

"I don't teach children but create conditions for them to learn" - Albert Einstein


It had been a wonderful journey when we look back to the past of Disha College. Indeed, it was a humble beginning at New Shanti nagar with all modern facilities including central airconditioning. Disha College has now been shifted to new premises at Ramnagar-Kota Road, Raipur, in a world class setting. Every thing in this campus can be compared with the best available anywhere in the country.  

However we have not forgot our prime motto i.e. quality & value based education at affordable costs. The society has always drawn inspiration from Swami Vivekanand words “Arise, awake and rest not till the goal is achieved”. We are totally focused and determined to make our students achievers in the real sense and reach the pinnacle of success through hard and smart work only. 

All this has been possible due to the foresightedness of our beloved Chairman Shri S. K. Jain. It was his continuous inspiration and guidance which has been the driving force amongst us. We had been able to achieve many landmarks and are now amongst the best colleges in the State of Chhattisgarh. The university results are the reflection of what we have achieved. This is also due to the continuous and excellent and unforgettable hardwork of our faculty members. It will be our foremost endavour to continue this spirit and add more laurels to its name and achieve new milestones in the field of education.