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PG Diploma in Yoga Education & Philosophy-30

PG Diploma in Yoga Education & Philosoph              intake-30   



PG Diploma in Yoga Education and Philosophy:

PG Diploma in Yoga is a one year course that can be studied as a skill enhancement course for the people who want to work in the professional field.

The course includes topics like the definition of Yoga, Indian Philosophy, Evolution Theory, Traditional Commentaries, Chitta Structure, Concept of Ishvara, Samadhi, Concept Kriya Yoga, Kleshas, Yoga Culture, Philosophy, value education and so on.

After completing the course, one can further go for higher studies through masters and PhD or can opt for different job profiles like Yoga Teacher/Instructor, Ayurvedic Doctor, Clinical Psychologist, Yoga Therapist, Health Inspector etc.

Yoga is among one of the highest-paying professions in the modern world, both in India and internationally. Yoga instructors are needed in all educational institutions, hospitals, gyms, health care centers, companies and housing societies. Many TV channels also hire instructors for their yoga shows.

A student will inculcate certain skills while pursuing the Yoga courses. These skills like Communication with clients and other team workers, coordination with others to perform work and achieve a target help to increase the performance level of the company or to ensure a healthy lifestyle for the candidates who are following the practice where the individual is working. Management of work helps them to become efficient in their work, towards their working place and towards their own health.