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Webinar on “Ambedkar jayanti.”Date: 14/04/2021


Disha college organises a webinar on the birth occation of our constitution founder Dr. BHIM RAO AMBSDKAR.”the programme was started by  the motivational speech by Dr. A.k.Tiwari principal disha college.students shows great enthusiaum about the programme.aprox seventuy five students was present in programme.some students present their view about the constitution.pratiksha tiwari tells about the schedule of our indian constitution.khyati says about the introduction of our constitution.r .krishanaveni tells the part of Indian constitution.all students shows the great interest about this topic.
At the end of programme HOD Dr. Soummya Tiwari  presentd the vote of thanks.

Activity Name - "Discussuion Forum" Date -13 -02-2021
Disha college organises online discussion programme on National Education Policy 2020 for B.Ed Ist and IIIrd sem students.All faculty member and all students were present .The program started with the speech by Dr. A. K. Tiwari- Principal,Disha College who enlighten the participants to be active as discussion and the oration are part of every step in one’s professional life.Discussion on topic Class Participation it is an important aspect of students learning .When students speak up in Class they learn to express their ideas in a Way that other can understand they learn how to obtained information to enhance their knowledge.For this education department organizes “RELAVANCE OF NEP 2020 AT PRESENT SINARIO.
“Students Review:(Anupama Srivastava)
She started the discussion with old education policies
Shreya verma
She tells about the merits of NEP 2020 .
Conclusion of discussion forum is before implementing NEP 2020  each and every teacher should be trained according to the changes. 
Activity Name- Induction Program for B.Ed   Date-09-02-2021
The programme was started on online mode on date 09/02/21 in which all B.Ed IIIrd Sem and all faculty members of
Education department were present .Induction programme organises for new family member of disha college . The programme was
started in online mode .Our Principal Dr. A. k. Tiwari, disha college  were presented their thoughts and views about B.Ed training programme ,
he gave their wishes to new trainees and welcomes the new members of disha family. He  says some motivational lines  for new family members of disha
‘As we all know that 2020 was a year full of challenges now 2021 comes with lots of hope and enthusiasm ,whenever there is a tough time
its test of real edurance and fighting sprit.we all with lots of courage  and discipline  and now this session we welcomes the new hopes ,newsession 2021.,H.O.D. Dr. Soummya Tiwari also welcomes new students and discuss the annual calendar and B.Ed two years syllabus through the ppt presentation,
after this third sem students of B.Ed were forward the programme they share their experiences with new members on online mode. All the students were enjoyed the programme and join the journey of disha college2019.